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"I found the coaching sessions very helpful in that they:
Clearly organized scattered thoughts and ideas
• Aided in the setting of goals
• Created an action plan that I am currently pursuing.
I was amazed that the answers were in me all along and all it took was a skilled coach to bring them out. Ute, you are a great coach!"
Hanan El-Maadawy
Vice President Property Insurance, CHARTIS Egypt Insurance Company S.A.E.

When I read about the therapeutic effects of laughter yoga I was very impressed as it markedly reduces stress by releasing Endorphins, the hormone of joy and pain release, as well as it is a workout for all the muscles of the body.

When I was abroad, I tried it several times and found it a great help that made me very happy relaxed and in peace for several months.

I was giving a workshop in Fayoum and Ute Meinel kindly agreed to give us a session, which was an amazing experience.  Everybody enjoyed it tremendously. The laughter was so loud that the hotel manager had to come and check what is happening to our group who seemed very serious when they checked in. That was real fun.
The workshop was so good  that we repeated it and again it was successful, thanks to Ute's Laughter Yoga.
Thank you, Ute, for bringing joy into people's lives. I ask you to please keep this good work up always and never give it up. With all my love and lots of laughter."
Dr. Magda Serry
Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

"I invited Ute to participate in a summer camp for Palestinian and Egyptian orphans in 2012 in Nuweiba, Sinai, to lighten up the kids with Laughter Yoga exercises. Kindly she agreed and I was happy to witness her wonderful way to relate to the children and to make them laugh.
This was very much needed and appreciated. I can wholeheartedly recommend to anybody who organizes workshops and seminars to include a session of Laughter Yoga with Ute Meinel. It's great fun that's at the same time transformative for participants. Thank you Ute, for your great work. Keep it up!"

Marie Therese Bishay, Montessori Director,
Co-founder of OneWorld Training and Consultancy, Cairo

What it means to Laugh & Thrive?

Would you like to evolve into a joyful and successful person? Who wouldn't? Laugh & Thrive offers an approach and a practice that supports you with doing that.

To laugh and thrive means setting yourself on 'feel good' mode. Fullstop.

When you feel good, everything around is good. This age-old wisdom is beautifully summed up in an Egyptian proverb that says: Ithaq wa el dunja tithaqlak, "Laugh and the world will laugh for you".

Find out more about Laughter Yoga in my first TV appearance.

Most of us are living our lives in the relentless grip of a mindset that focuses primarily on problems and produces thoughts that circle around what we don't like, don't want, don't have or are afraid to lose.

Laugh & Thrive is a pleasant way to help you turn this state of mind around. Sunny side up. It's about a radical shift of focus that allows us to open up and prosper.

What it takes?

If you want to laugh and thrive it takes the intention to re-discover your childlike playfulness and re-train your readiness to laugh about any little silly thing that life has to offer you.
To laugh and thrive is about taking a decision to do more of the things that bring out a big smile on your face. 

What it takes to laugh and thrive is allowing yourself to shine your light. Actively taking steps aimed at unfolding your potential and increasing the level of joy is what it really all boils down to.
Yes, it's that simple.

This is exactly what the tailor made packages of Laugh & Thrive, that consist of Life Coaching and Laughter Yoga and can be combined with alternative healing treatments and relaxation techniques, do for you: getting on track to thrive.

How it works?

Doing more of the things you love to do and laughing more leads you to experience more contentment and joy. It literally alters the chemistry in your body from a toxic chemistry to a chemistry of well-being.
It is interesting to note that this leads not only to an enhanced level of well-being, but also to a sense of safety.

The importance of feelings of safety and joy cannot be overstated: these feelings are the fertile ground on which inspiration, ease and abundance can develop and grow.

Why is this important?

There is a deep longing in every human being to bring out their best, to make a meaningful contribution, to fulfill their higher purpose and thus to bloom - just like a flower is programmed to flourish. Ignoring this urge leads to feelings of frustration with all the toxic consequences.

We live in a period of accelerated change in which extremely high levels of stress and tension are considered normal. These stress levels come with a price tag: a chronically acid body chemistry containing too much cortisol and adrenaline.

Chronic anxiety and depression are the most common results. And these heavy emotional states have been shown to be the root causes for most physical illnesses. This inner form of toxicity is very widespread.

The age-old wisdom that laughter is the best medicine is a priceless realization.
It is good to know that if you laugh for 15 minutes per day your physical chemistry gets totally altered. 

And you can have loads of fun while you do what is most healthy for you!

How good is that?


My job is to set you up to succeed with what you set out to accomplish. As a competent coach for personal and professional development I provide you with the focused support and encouragement that enables you to create a breakthrough and shift your life around.

You will benefit noticeably by developing:

  • Stronger self-confidence;
  • Better sense of direction and purpose;
  • Clarity over goals;
  • Strategies for a better quality of life;
  • Motivation to reach goals quickly;
  • Multiplied contentment & joy;
  • Higher level of determination & perseverance;
  • Enhanced personal power.

Smiling more and being more relaxed and centered will turn you into a much more shiny and attractive person - all the more when you consciously choose to realize goals that are truly important to you.

Learning how to create this chemistry of well-being and doing more of what you really love to do is immensely good for your physical, emotional and spiritual state.

Welcome to Laugh & Thrive!
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