About Me

My Mission

Inspiring others to consciously increase the level of ease and joy they allow themselves to experience in their daily is an essential part of my mission.

A great way to do this is to develop our readiness to laugh for no apparent reason. I mean actively training our laughter muscles. This is exactly what Laughter Yoga does.

I was certified as teacher of Laughter Yoga by the founder of this fantastic worldwide movement, Dr. Madan Kataria, in the Indian town of Bangalore in 2011, in what turned out to be
a life-changing experience.

Since I personally experienced a miracle during a health crisis in 2007 through energy healing, I felt that I absolutely needed to know more about it and started taking numerous courses, such as Reiki, Vortexhealing® , and Facial Harmony. In the art of Vortexhealing I am currently at the advanced level of Omega.

I believe that we as humanity can make a shift to live, work, and love in more fulfilling and beneficial ways as more people are waking up and making the choice to evolve.

I am passionate about facilitating individual sessions as well as classes and workshops of Laughter Yoga, Life Coaching and energy healing because what I enjoy most is to see people 
on a track that takes them to thriving.
I was certified by Europe's leading Coach Training Organisation as a Professional Personal Performance Coach in August 2012. My diploma is approved by the
International Coach Federation.

My History
Born to German parents in India, I was raised in the Middle East, live in Egypt since 2000 and speak Arabic fluently.

I obtained a PhD in Political Science from the Faculty of Philosophy from the Freie Universitaet Berlin, and
began my career as a news agency journalist.

 Later I worked for several organizations as consultant specialized on communications as well as organizational development & capacity building.
When I realized that development projects can only take off when attention is paid to empowering individuals, I enrolled in the Coaching Academy in London in 2009.

Another turning point was the realization that self-esteem is the most important ingredient to achieve success and contentment.
Methods and tools to enhance self-esteem are therefore at the center of my own learning as well as in my work as a Life Coach.

 I was certified as a Coach for Self-Esteem Elevation for Children by the Center for Personal Reinvention in the U.S in 2012.

The major obstacle to pursuing our dreams is  fear, which is also the number one factor in developing physical illnesses. Especially in these times of massive change fear is rampant.

It was an eye-opener for me to discover studies demonstrating that relaxation and enjoyment lead to wellbeing, which makes us
feel safe.

My approach is therefore to motivate clients to do what it takes to increase their wellbeing and to set them on track to 
keep laughing and thriving.
"When I first started the coaching sessions I was  concerned with solving a difficult situation at work and realized soon that what I really wanted was to make a major move in my career. I started seeing things from another perspective as I clearly recognized all my strengths and weaknesses and was encouraged to analyze my situation from all angles. This process was very fruitful for me.
All in all I can say that coaching has helped me to make the move I wished to make. It helped me to set realistic goals and to take the steps I said I would take. All this has contributed to increase the levels of my self-confidence and persistence. I now have a great new job in the area of work and the position I wanted. In general I feel much more satisfied with myself and my life."
Tarek Abdullah, Sales Director, Caravan Marketing Co., Six of October City, Cairo, Egypt

"The coaching sessions I had with Dr. Ute Meinel have been enlightening for me. When I started I was struggling with some confusion over how to move ahead in my career and over decisions I felt I needed to take. I started to see my life situation as a whole much more clearly and could make many positive adjustments.

I also realized what my long-term vision is really about. I discovered my need to grow and found out about means to do so. Coaching has helped me to be accepted in a reputable Master program in the area of my interest and passion. So I took up academic studies again and this fills me with enthusiasm, which has immensely added to my life."
Mona Ayoub, Deputy Director, Cairo Office, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

"Before starting coaching sessions I was lost and confused about how to start pursuing my passion as my career. Ute helped me to dig into myself and come up with a clear road map with milestones.

She also helped me to identify the big picture of where I want to be, which consequently made me realize what are exactly my values and priorities and which path should I take to fulfill those. A last thing: she introduced me to ways to heal myself emotionally and accepting myself as I am via opening the door of loving myself."
Ferial Abdelghany, Trainer and Executive Assistant of a CEO at a multinational IT company in Cairo

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