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Empowered through Coaching

Everybody can make positive changes in their lives. Anyone can decide to step out of the grip of fear or frustration and open up to more courage and joy. All you require at certain times to do it is support.

Coaching gives you professional support to go from where you are now to where you want to be - faster and more effectively than if you tried it on your own. It helps you to identify the direction to take and sets you on track. It’s empowering.

Confidence and personal power increase when you are clear about where you stand, know where you are heading and start to take steps in that direction. A much higher level of inner contentment is the result.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art to facilitate a thinking, learning and personal development process for another. It helps to make better choices and take better decisions than you would have otherwise. Optimized performance is the result. A more inspiring word for this is thriving.

If this rings a bell, Coaching might be just the right thing for you.

Coaching also assists you in recognizing and navigating limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back and keep you stuck. The role of a coach is to build your self-confidence and trust in yourself. You will realize that you have all it takes to thrive.

This is not only a rewarding experience, it is essential because self-esteem is the number one ingredient necessary for experiencing happiness, fulfilling relationships and overall success in life.

Why is coaching flourishing in these times?

The Coaching industry is one of the very few areas that are steadily growing during the current economic crisis. In corporate business it proved to be a successful way to enhance staff motivation, adjust management styles and as a result increase profit.

Hardly any manager of rank and public standing in the United States or Europe doesn’t already have a coach or hasn’t seriously thought of getting a coach on board to assist him or her with re-thinking, restructuring and increasing output. This shows that coaching delivers very desirable results.

We live in a time of massive changes that affect all areas of our lives and are not easy to navigate successfully. There is a widespread sense of confusion, overwhelm or fear among many people as things that have previously provided for a feeling of security are crumbling.

Numerous people are losing their jobs, marriages and relationships are breaking down in unprecedented numbers, and lots of people are going through a health crisis or suffer from other forms of turmoil.

Especially in these kinds of challenging situations we cannot afford any more to live a small version of ourselves. It is as if there is no other option left than to evolve. Coaching brings home the recognition that in each crisis there is a valuable lesson to learn. It helps with uncovering these inner treasures and using them as a map to move forward. It helps you to consciously evolve and stop drifting or muddling your way through.

Setting Goals

The success secret of coaching lies in the recognition how important it is to establish realistic and achievable goals. It is generally agreed that goal setting is fundamental for achieving success in the world of business or for setting up a development project, however, most people never thought about the importance of setting goals for their own life to flourish.

The question is: How can you arrive at your destination if you don’t know where that is? If you don’t know where to go, you are drifting and any journey will do - however far off course.

What Coaching is NOT:

• Other than therapy or counseling, coaching is not concerned with the past.
Coaching is not about analyzing personal problems and difficulties.
• The Coach gives no advice and will not tell you what to do.

Structure of the Coaching Process & Sessions:

Coaching is a process. It is recommended to commit to at least eight sessions. A coaching session usually takes one hour and consists of a structured conversation during which the Coach asks questions. All matters arising are of a strictly confidential nature.

Sessions are usually face to face but can be delivered over the phone as well. 

What you will experience:

• Awareness – realize your unique talents, skills and passions

• Support – be more of who you really are and do more of what you truly want

• Space – explore your strengths as well as your fears in a safe environment

Clarity – see your reality and realize your responsibility to make changes

• Planning – draw up a list of actions to do in a specific time

• Empowerment – switch out of avoidance or denial and make a commitment

• Excitement – dissolve old patterns and discover new perspectives & options 

I deliver tailor made packages and remain committed to your growth. 

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More Testimonials

"To be honest, I didn't have any previous idea about life coaching, but from the name I thought that it's probably what I need. I was very disoriented after a harsh divorce and needed to put my life back on track somehow.
After meeting with Dr. Ute I realized that the questions she asked me during the sessions made me understand where and what I wanted to be. She helped me to organize all my thoughts and set my priorities step by step.
I now feel that I can go ahead and move forward with my life because I always ask the same questions over and over again in my head to get me where I want to be.
I am very pleased I went through this coaching. I will definitely do it again in case I need it and I recommend it to anyone who feels lost at any point of their lives."
Rania Elgazzar, Cairo, Egypt

"My goal at the beginning of the coaching sessions was to regain the clear vision about my future that I had lost. At the end of the process I had this vision about what I wanted to do in my career and I began to draft a plan for the coming steps. I learned to set goals in each area of my life and to follow-up on them.
I also gained more openness and courage through the exercises that were suggested after each session.
These exercises helped me to recognize my capacities and to simplify matters that seemed complicated before.

I also discovered how important it was for me to acknowledge myself as well the people around me through expressing more appreciation. This insight has improved my social relationships, which has reflected very positively on myself."

Amira Shawky, Architect, Cairo, Egypt

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