Self-Esteem for Kids

Self-Esteem Elevation for Children

High self-esteem is the most essential ingredient for developing fulfillment, rich relationships, and overall success in life. Research also points to the fact that around 85 percent of the people in the world suffer from diminished self-esteem in one or more key areas of their lives.

The process of loosing self-esteem first takes place in childhood.

This specialized form of coaching therefore aims to break the downward dynamic of diminishing self-esteem by laying the foundation for a positive self image to develop at an early age.
This will be achieved by two components:

Laughter Yoga
• Coaching.

In the life of every child, usually sometime between birth and age 6, something happens to have the child doubt him or herself. Someone says or does something that has the child believe that he or she is not worthy and therefore unlovable.

Armed with the belief that they are not good enough, children scan for additional situations that offer more evidence to reinforce this initial thought of being flawed.

This idea of unworthiness is further reinforced by interpreting life events to prove the fact that they are defective. Before long, there is no doubt in the person's mind that there is something wrong with them.

The best way to enhance self-esteem among children is through a series of focused sessions in small groups for boys and girls separately, like a workshop that extends over a couple of weeks.

In the sessions the participants are encouraged to become fully aware of all the unique qualities and talents that make them special and adorable.

They will learn to shift their focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. They are also enabled to seek for the good side or the learning experience in those aspects or traits they don't like so much in themselves.

Together we will explore and identify the passions of all participants and motivate each other to pursue their special interests and further develop their gifts.

This will make them feel more comfortable with who they are. It will also help participants to feel significant, which is a central factor in high-self-esteem-people.

During the sessions of this special workshop participants will recognize in a playful way that life is a process of learning and growing which necessarily includes making mistakes.

They will come to understand that whatever mistakes they did or whatever behaviors parents or teachers might have criticized they are still worthy of appreciation and love as the wonderful persons they are.

The workshop will provide for plenty of fun through Laughter Yoga exercises. This will increase the ability of participants to let go of tension and to laugh about themselves - another important trait of high-self-esteem-people

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